Decolonising Contraception

Why Decolonising Contraception?

Contraception as it is associated with a strong history of eugenics and fears surrounding population control.

What is Decolonisation?

Decolonisation is seeking to understand the effects of colonisation on how we understand and navigate the world. This means addressing the additional barriers some groups face to accessing health services & addressing the idea that some groups have more reproductive rights than others.

Watch our collective learn together and educate the wider community

Decolonising Contraception: Cismen, patriarchy and participation

Decolonise Contraception: SRH in the South Asian Community

Decolonising Contraception – Visibility: LGBTQI black and people of colour

A Decolonised Utopia? Sexual Wellbeing and Pleasure

Booklets and Guides

The Sex Agenda

The Sex Agenda project was launched to raise awareness of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) issues among Black and people of colour aged 18-30 using a multimedia approach: podcast, workshops and a zine.

The Sex Agenda Podcast

Hosted by Dr Annabel Sowemino and Edem Ntumy, who are joined by guests from across the globe addressing a range of sexual health topics including herpes stigma, fibroids and cervical screening, women’s sexuality, menopause and Black men’s health.
Filled with expert knowledge and a good dose of laughter, nothing is too embarrassing or off-limits on our podcast as we strive to debunk myths, tackle taboos and initiate difficult conversations.

The Sex Agenda Zine

The Sex Agenda Zine (magazine) is borne out of The Sex Agenda, a multi-media sexual education intervention by Decolonising Contraception (DC) raising awareness on sexual and reproductive health among Black and People of Colour.
The Sex Agenda Zine covers sexual health, relationships, gender and sexuality.

The Sex Agenda Workshop

The Sex Agenda Workshops were a series of workshops taught by members of the Decolonising Contraception collective.

All workshops in this series were created in consultation with community groups and organisers who told us what sexual and reproductive health topics they want to learn more about.

Sexual Health Screening and Advocacy

Sexual Health Myth Busting Workshop